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The ULTIMATE lightweight, hand held suction unit 

RES-Q-VAC is a portable, hand-operated advanced suction system which provides a full range of suction options for every medical requirement. It consists of a high-quality non-electric suction pump and disposable canisters with appropriate catheters.

The handle of the RES-Q-VAC features a full-length trigger mechanism which can be used with one hand, leaving the other free to manipulate the casualty's head or adjust the catheter. 


  • Powerful wall suction performance >600mmHg
  • Works in any position - will never overflow
  • Essential for trach, ventilator and respiratory patients
  • Extremely durable and reliable - ready when you need it

Cost & Value

  • RES-Q-VAC® is a fraction of the cost of electric counterparts
  • No maintenance costs involved with checking suction levels, unlike electric units


  • The available 0.22 micron (μ) Full Stop Protection® (FSP) Filter protects against infectious diseases including Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, HIV and H1N1
  • FSP protects the pump for safe reuse
  • Sterile and non-sterile configurations
  • RES-Q-VAC® has full tactile feedback and whistle-tip catheters for patient safety


  • Portable hand-powered suction
  • No batteries or electric required
  • Ideal for crash carts, ER, patient transport, patients in isolation, cafeterias
  • Full line of push connector, whistle tipped catheters





  • Lightweight, 0.5 lbs
  • Available whenever and wherever needed
  • Compact and durable for challenging conditions
Manual Power
  • No battery maintenance or electric required
  • Works in natural disasters, or anytime the power fails
Reusable Pump Handle
  • Minimal effort required - Will not fatigue user
  • Achieves high sustained air flow
  • Can be ETO sterilized
Available Patented Full Stop Protection® 0.22 Micron Filter
  • Safeguards personnel and the general public from pathogens including: Flu, HIV/AIDS, TB, Hepatitis, SARS and other highly infectious diseases
  • Prevents fluid overflow even when the canister is filled to capacity
  • Protects the pump for safe re-use
  • Meets CDC, SARS and OSHA Regulations
300ml Canister
  • Simply attaches to pump handle
  • Gradated to easily monitor filling
  • Supplied with cap and label for lab analysis or disposal
  • Filtered and non-filtered versions available
  • Available sterile
Whistle-tipped Catheters
  • Prevents tissue damage - hospital grade
  • Equipped with push connectors for ease of use
  • Available sterile
  • Wide range of sizes for infant through adult suctioning
  • Angled rigid yankauer allows clear view of airway
Endotracheal Adaptor
  • Fits standard endotracheal tubes
Available LED Light Attachment
  • Mounts directly on pump or detaches for maximum targeted illumination
  • Flexible illumination for visualization
Highly Visible Carrying Pouch
  • Easy to locate visually for rapid emergency access
  • Provides ample storage for suctioning equipment yet is compact enough for limited space requirements
Custom Configurations
  • Wide range of kits for a wide variety of markets including Hospital, EMS, Nursing Homes, Homecare, public facilities etc...
  • Customizable for infant through adult suctioning
  • Available sterile and non-sterile
Powerful Vacuum
  • Comparable to electric wall suction - >600mmHg
  • Powerful enough to clear vomit, clotting blood, and mucus
Continuous Suctioning
  • Suctions until fluids or obstructions clear tubing
  • Less pumping required
Molded ABS Plastic
  • Rugged, Durable
  • Operates under temperatures from 0-140 degrees fahrenheit



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