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HIgH Flo Safety Needles

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Part of a complete SCIg (SubCutaneous Immunoglobulin) infusion system

Whether infusing viscous immunoglobulins or another subcutaneous medication, HIgH-Flo Subcutaneous Safety Needle Sets™ are an important element of the system you need for consistent, high quality, comfortable administrations.

HIgH-Flo needle tips feature a back cut tip designed to minimize tissue damage, scarring and local reactions.

HIgH-Flo tubing features an efficient and practical 20” length.

  • Less likely to tangle
  • Faster flow rates
  • 40” from needle to needle

Flying hinge butterfly wings have great flexibility allowing each needle to stay in place after insertion and a safety closure on each needle protects against accidental needle sticks.



  • HIgH-Flo 26 gauge needle sets provide the optimal combination of impressive flow rate and comparatively small size.
  • Consistently sharp needles eliminate patient anxiety about unpredictable pain.
  • Attention to fluidics in design minimizes drag on fluid flow, especially with viscous drugs.
  • Tubing length and smaller gauge are calculated to minimize residual volume, thus saving drugs and reducing cost.
  • Layout and lack of extraneous connectors distributes equal volumes to all needles in multi-needle sets.
  • Fewer site reactions, less tissue damage, less pain, faster healing, less leakage, less inflammation, less redness.

Cost & Value

  • Highest quality at competitive pricing.
  • Incremental savings on medications through low residual designs.
  • Consistent quality eliminates wasted sets while minimizing set-up, monitoring and troubleshooting time.


  • Sharp needles and smooth surfaces mean less resistance for a smoother insertion.
  • Safety feature covers needles after use to guard against needle stick injury.
  • Quality control throughout the manufacturing process, including X-ray inspection, ensures undamaged needle tips.
  • Sterile Tegaderm™ dressing by 3M included.
  • Choice of needle lengths to ensure insertion to proper depth.
  • 26 gauge HIgH-Flo sets have flow rate of larger 24 gauge needle sets whose needles damage 55% more skin area.


  • For longer length tubing, we offer a 24" Extension Set.
  • Available in single, double, triple, quad, penta and hexa configurations.
  • Make additional configurations by using Low Residual Y-Connector for connection.
  • Fewer SKUs in inventory with optimum 26 gauge size and Y-Connector flexibility.
  • Needles available in 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm and 14mm lengths.





HIgH-Flo Needle Sets

Sharper needles using triscuspid tip instead of lancet tip
  • Smoother incision with less skin tearing. Reduced site reactions, less redness, less inflammation, less tissue damage, smaller incision, faster healing.
Even flow to all needles in multi-leg set
  • Prevents some sites from getting more drug than other sites and over-filling. This reduces discomfort, swelling and oozing at infusion sites.


Emphasis on quality during manufacture in our own USA facility
  • Patients are assured of smooth needle insertion and removal every time; no ragged incision with tearing of tissue. This leads to consistent patient expectations with less anxiety, fewer site reactions, less tissue damage, less pain, faster healing, less leakage, less inflammation, less redness.
Use of 3M Tegaderm™ dressing
  • Name brand dressing included for each needle. 3M brand preferred by most patients who may have skin reactions or adhesion and removal difficulty with less expensive brands.
26 gauge outperforms 27 gauge and 24 gauge
  • HIgH-Flo 26 gauge sets flow as fast as many 24 gauge sets because of the technology and design used to reduce interference, for example, achieving maximum flow rate recommended by drug manufacturer for 20% IgG solutions.


Flexibility to customize number of legs using Y-Connector, and select needle lengths of 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm and 14mm
  • Cost savings from not having to stock a large number of SKUs, ability to quickly serve specific requirements for configuration, ability to quickly provide comfort and effectiveness for each patient.


Why do you call High-Flo “safety” needle sets?

The butterfly wings close to encapsulate the needle after use. This feature of RMS HIgH-Flo Subcutaneous Safety Needle Sets is designed to help prevent accidental needlestick injuries. The healthcare industry is very cognizant of safe handling of used needles, since needlestick injuries can result in exposure to bloodborne pathogens.

What is different about your needles that makes them easy to insert?

When we manufacture HIgH-Flo Needles, we pay special attention to quality control - even using a special X-ray inspection. Seemingly minor damage to a needle tip can tear tissue. Smooth insertion and removal leads to less tissue damage, fewer site reactions, less pain, faster healing, less drug leakage, less redness and inflammation, less apprehension and a better infusion experience.

How does the flow rate of HIgH-Flo needles compare with the others in the market?

HIgH-Flo needles will flow at about the same rate as most 24 gauge needles currently available although they're a considerably smaller 26 gauge.

How do HIgH-Flo needles compare in flow rate with 27 gauge needles?

The flow rate will be much faster with HIgH-Flo needles. Generally, if the same number of sites is used, one will be able to use the next slower precision FREEDOM60® precision flow rate tubing set to achieve the same flow rate as before.

How can the smaller 26 gauge HIgH-Flo needles flow at the same rate as the considerably larger 24 gauge needles?

HIgH-Flo needle sets are carefully designed for optimizing fluid flow. Our designs utilize complex principals of fluid dynamics for engineering the most efficient handling of drugs. This efficiency translates into higher flow rates from smaller diameter needles.

Why is a 3M Tegaderm dressing supplied with each needle?

We surveyed several medical centers and many patients, and the consensus was that even though genuine 3M Tegaderm is the most expensive for us to provide with the needles, it was preferred by most patients. We were told it had the least irritation and best adhesion to the skin.

How many configurations are available for HIgH-Flo needles?

We have needle lengths in 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, and 14mm. We offer single, double, triple, quad, penta and hexa leg set configurations. If there is a need for a special needle length or configuration, give us a call.

What is the maximum number of needles possible at one time?

We have tested up to eight needles at one time using our Low Residual Y-Connector to join two quadfurcated sets. The Y-Connector can also be used to make up a multiple set from a limited inventory, for example, creating a four site system using two of the bifurcated sets. A six site administration could be assembled by using two trifurcated sets and the Y-Connector.

Can HIgH-Flo needles be used with other pumps besides the FREEDOM60®?

Yes. Our needles are compatible with other pumps. However, only our FREEDOM60® offers Dynamic Equilibrium, which automatically adjusts the flow rate downward if the tissues at the infusion site become saturated. Other pumps use higher pressures and are not sensitive to the back pressure and, therefore, will continue the stated flow rate beyond what might be comfortable. The result can be painful red swollen lumps at the site, drug oozing out of the needles and site irritation. While the answer is “Yes,” the FREEDOM60® is recommended for administration of subcutaneous immune globulin because it will adjust to the patient’s needs and reduce discomfort.

Is it true that 26 gauge needles always will be more uncomfortable than 27 gauge needles simply because they are larger?

Not true. While gauge, which is a measure of the diameter of the needle, may play a role in determining the extent to which a needle will be felt upon insertion, it is only one factor. The type of blade, sharpness, smoothness of finish and absence of bends or other physical damage all make contributions to the level of comfort experienced. Users can expect less discomfort from high quality 26 gauge needles as we use in HIgH-Flo than from poorly made 27 gauge needles.

In order to increase the rate at which medication flows into an infusion site, isn’t it necessary to increase the size of the hole made by the infusion needle?

By measurement, RMS HIgH-Flo 26 gauge needle sets use needles that are only 17-ten thousandths of an inch bigger than a typical 27 gauge needle from another manufacturer, but flow as fast as that same manufacturer’s 24 gauge needle sets. By contrast, those 24 gauge needles are 57-ten-thousandths bigger than the 27 gauge needles. The area of the hole created when a needle pierces skin varies as the square of the diameter. Using the 27 gauge needle as the baseline, a 24 gauge needle produces a hole which is 89% bigger. The RMS HIgH-Flo 26 gauge needle set achieves a flow rate comparable to another manufacturer’s 24 gauge with only an 18% increase in hole size from their 27 gauge needle. Therefore, a patient could switch to the other manufacturer’s 24 gauge set and receive a wound area 89% bigger than that of their 27 gauge needle, or use an RMS 26 gauge needle set with an increased hole size of only about one-fifth that of the 24 gauge. The real story is that the RMS HIgH-Flo Subcutaneous Safety Needle Sets offer the highest flow rates with a much smaller footprint than 24 gauge and barely larger than 27 gauge. Healthcare providers find there is no longer any need to inventory both the 24 gauge and 27 gauge sizes since the RMS HIgH-Flo Subcutaneous Safety Needle Sets in 26 gauge offer the full performance of a 24 gauge set combined with the reduced patient discomfort of a smaller gauge set.

Do HIgH-Flo sets eliminate concerns about different amounts of medication going to each infusion site when a multi-leg needle set is used?

Achieving even flow prevents some sites from getting more drug than others and over-filling, thus reducing pain, swelling and oozing when performing multi-site infusions. HIgH-Flo Subcutaneous Safety Needle Sets are carefully designed and tested for equal flow to every needle. The design and quality control during manufacture minimize factors which can interfere with fluid flow and cause uneven distribution. However, varying flow rate also might be due to factors which are unrelated to the needle sets, such as incorrect needle length, or something about the site at which a needle was placed, such as scar tissue or over a muscle.

Should infusion needles be coating in liquid silicone to make them glide through tissue during insertion?

There is no need to coat HIgH-Flo needles into liquid silicone. HIgH-Flo was developed for their easy insertion, and is subjected to strict quality control and inspection during manufacture. Liquid silicone will not eliminate any damages to needles during manufacture. We have tested needles which were coated with liquid silicone on a force testing machine, and found that a pool of silicone was found at the point of insertion. Issues for consideration may include possible reaction from introducing liquid silicone to an infusion site, composition of the silicone, and whether use of a coating has received FDA clearance.



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