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FREEDOM60 Precision Tubing

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An infusion system that is simple, safe and responsive.

FREEDOM60 Precision Flow Rate Tubing™ controls the infusion rate in the FREEDOM60® Syringe Infusion System.

Each F-number provides a different level of flow restriction, which, when combined with the viscosity of the medication, provides a precise delivery in an all-mechanical system. It just works, as simply as possible.

Of the many benefits Precision offers, one of the most unique is Dynamic Equilibrium. The unique flow restriction of Precision combines with the constant safe pressure of the FREEDOM60® to respond in real time to a patient’s infusion site. If infusion site pressure increases, the system responds by tapering down the infusion - immediately and automatically.

      That’s why it has to be Precision - it’s the only tubing specifically designed and FDA-cleared to have the accuracy necessary for safe, controlled, dynamically-responsive infusions with the FREEDOM60®.

Look for the tag or clamp with an RMS F-number printed on it to ensure you are using genuine FREEDOM60® Precision tubing sets.


  • Easily deliver the most challenging viscous drugs at any flow rate you need.
  • Get predictable, occlusion-free delivery over 8 hours and longer.
  • Combine with HIgH-Flo Subcutaneous Safety Needle Sets™ and a FREEDOM60® pump to get a very predictable infusion.
  • The system can also be used to determine a patient’s subcutaneous site acceptance and their best infusion locations.

Cost & Value

  • Minimal training with no misprogramming, no bolus, no free-flow, and no overdose delivery.
  • Quality and consistency for positive patient experiences, better compliance, less troubleshooting.
  • Precise infusion rates, low residual volumes, and the ease of syringes provide consistent delivery of medication without expensive drug waste.


  • Emergency slide clamp included on every set to stop flow immediately, if needed.
  • Highest level of quality control during manufacture for defect-free product.
  • Precise dimensions to achieve desired flow rate.
  • Sterility assured to avoid introduction of contaminants.
  • Luer disc connector acts as a barrier to contamination.


  • Choose the flow rate you want for most subcutaneous or intravenous medications.
  • Flow Rate Kits provide a selection of the most popular tubing sets in 20-piece boxes for maximum versatility.
  • Easy system for a clinician or a patient to use.





FREEDOM60 Precision Flow Rate Tubing™

Patented luer disc connector
  • Protects against set touch contamination, required for the pump to operate, no runaway
Flow rates from F0.5 to F2400
  • Variety of administration times, no free-flow, no bolus, no overdose
Standard male end luer
  • Connects perfectly with HIgH-Flo subcutaneous needle sets
Equipped with slide clamp
  • Ability to stop flow immediately
F-number now located on slide clamp
  • Assures correct tubing is being used


Why is it important that I use only FREEDOM60 Precision Flow Rate Tubing™ with my FREEDOM60® pump?

FREEDOM60 Precision Flow Rate Tubing™ is especially designed for the FREEDOM60® Syringe Infusion Pump, to be absolutely compatible with the pump’s proprietary engineering design and performance data. In addition, FDA clearance for the FREEDOM60® pump specifically includes the flow rate tubing manufactured by us. We also recommend that, when appropriate, RMS HIgH-Flo™ Subcutaneous Safety Needle Sets are used to help ensure the completeness, quality and performance of your infusion system. The high quality and accuracy of RMS tubing and needle sets eliminates interference with the pump’s ability to use the principle of “dynamic equilibrium” and maintain safe fluid pressure. This prevents the tissue damage sometimes seen from other pumps forcing medication into infusion sites under excessively high pressure.

What makes the tubing so precise?

FREEDOM60 Precision Flow Rate Tubing™ is subjected to extensive quality control measures every step of the way during the manufacturing process. We want the FREEDOM60® name to be synonymous with the highest degrees of accuracy and consistency. It’s important to us that you and your healthcare providers are confident that your medication will flow at the desired rate time after time, and the length of your infusions will be totally predictable.

What flow rates are currently available?

We currently have 19 flow rates, suitable for delivering IgG and antibiotics, for a variety of time frames ranging from a few minutes to 5 days. Please call for more information.

What affects the flow rate of the FREEDOM60?

The two main factors are the diameter of the tubing and the viscosity of the fluid. Immune Globulin, for example, will flow much slower than an antibiotic. Since temperature also affects the viscosity of fluid, when the temperature is cold, the flow slows down and when the temperature is warm, the flow rate increases. There are also some affects due to differences in syringes, but these generally tend to be relatively minor.

How do I stop the flow in the case of an emergency?

There is a slide clamp on the tubing set that will stop flow immediately. If the pump is turned off without using the slide clamp, some flow will continue until pressure from the black tab is removed by winding the knob clockwise to relieve all pressure in the syringe.

Since the flow rate is determined by the tubing set, what will happen if I put a standard bore IV set on the syringe and place it in the FREEDOM60?

There is a patented luer disc connector on the end of our tubing required to lock into the nose of the pump for operation. Without this connector, the pump will eject the syringe and any non-standard tubing placed in it. The luer disc also serves to minimize set touch contamination when changing syringes using the same tubing set.



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