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Medical Device Creations

MDC logoMDC specialises in developing and ultimately launching innovative and patient safety orientated products. The initial concepts and ideas are drawn from all across the NHS.

Pain Relief Catheter & Insertion Kit - Packaged

Saturation catheter set that allows for the saturation catheter to be placed in a wound and local anaesthetic delivered via a pump for more accurate placement of pain relief. Comprises of all the items necessary for catheter insertion.

Needle Free Arterial Connector

The Needle-Free Arterial Non-Injectable Connector (NIC) with patented technology allows for routine sampling of blood whilst preventing intra arterial injection. Winner of 'National Patient Safety Award' 2011


The Radial Support Sling is designed to overcome various problems associated with a left radial access coronary angiography. The device enables the patients left arm to be held in a comfortable position for both the patient and the surgeon whilst not impeding the imaging.

The Non Injectable Connector

An innovative fixation device that has been designed by practitioners which solves various problems with infusions and sampling from arterial lines.


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