Freedom-60-logoThe FREEDOM60 Syringe Infusion System and the RES-Q-VAC Emergency Medical Suction System are the principal products of RMS Medical Products, a leading developer and manufacturer of medical devices and supplies. RMS manufactures medical devices used in emergency care, hospital settings, nursing homes, other medical facilities and home care.

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Whether infusing viscous immunoglobulins or another subcutaneous medication, HIgH-Flo Subcutaneous Safety Needle Sets™ are an important element of the system you need for consistent, high quality, comfortable administrations.

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All the performance & technology of the FREEDOM60®, in a new design for 20ml and 30ml syringes. A compact infusion solution that’s easy to use for smaller or often-repeated applications.

FREEDOM60 Precision Tubing Capped
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FREEDOM60 Precision Flow Rate Tubing™ controls the infusion rate in the FREEDOM60 Syringe Infusion System. It is the only tubing specifically designed and FDA-cleared to have the accuracy necessary for safe, controlled, dynamically-responsive infusions with the FREEDOM60

FREEDOM60 Infusion Pump
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Change the way you infuse -
FREEDOM60 is a non-electric constant flow syringe infusion system that offers unsurpassed infusion quality with no need for batteries or electricity.

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A comprehensive guide to RMS syringe infusion systems, which allow antibiotic infusion anywhere, by anyone. These revolutionary systems make IV antibiotic infusion easier than ever for patients and providers.

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Procedure of operation to fit, mount and use the infusion pump. These fully illustrated directions (with step-by-step photos) show the recommended methods of use.


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